Sangsin Brake

Sangsin Brake

American Inter Trading is authorized distribuitor of Sangsin brake producs for Caribbean. Contact us We are ready to assist you in any matter

Noble and elegant brake feeling
High grade vehicle uses Sangsin Brake Pads to take absolute superiority in anti-abrasion and braking power in domestic brake material market. High grade vehicle is elevated by strong and soft braking sense.

Sangsin Brake

Silent Brake sound, clean wheel control
Sangsin Brake Pads is the high quality product which complemented by innovation of noise and black dust at the basic defects of Brake friction material. This product have nearly no dust and noise which accumulate on wheel by attaching non-steel friction material

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Maximum safety
Sangsin Brake Pads guarantees maximum safety at the worst driving condition in the rainy and snowy weather by maintaining high friction factor.

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