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American Inter Trading, LLC. is the authorized distributor for PFI bearings in Central-, Latin America and the Caribbean market.

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Bearing Types American Inter Trading Distribute

Ball Bearings Ball Bearings
PFI ball bearings are available in single and double row configurations. Our ball bearings are electronically tested for low noise and vibration, and as such are suitable for use in alternators and fractional power electric motors.

Hub Units Hub Units
We supply hub assemblies types II and III. Our hub assemblies are supplied with or without ABS sensors according to original equipment specifications. We are adding many new applications for a variety of new vehicles, including American, European, Japanese and Korean applications.

Taper Roller Bearings Taper Roller Bearings
PFI taper roller bearings are used in automotive wheels, gearboxes, and differentials. We offer an extensive taper roller bearing line in metric and inch sizes, including many rare and hard-to-get applications.

Clutch Release Bearings Clutch Release Bearings
PFI clutch release bearings are available for most American, European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars. We also offer clutch release bearings for selected heavy duty truck, bus and tractor applications.

Compressor Bearings Compressor Bearings
PFI compressor bearings are used in passenger car and truck air conditioning compressors. We have a complete compressor bearing line and continually research the market to add new applications.

Tensioner and Idler Bearings Tensioner and Idler Bearings
PFI tensioner and idler bearings are made with heat stabilized rings and special greases, in order to improve resistance to the high temperature present in passenger car engine compartments.

Wheel Bearings Wheel Bearings
We manufacture our wheel bearings using only forged chrome alloy rings in order to guarantee extended service life and reliability. Most other brands of aftermarket wheel bearings are made from steel tubes, which are cheaper to manufacture but compromise the useful life of the bearing.

Needle Bearings Needle Bearings
PFI needle bearings are used in starters and alternators. We make our needle bearings with special Grade 2 rollers to ensure low noise operation.

Agricultural Bearings Agricultural Bearings
Our agricultural bearings have labyrinth type triple lip seals to prevent contamination in harsh environments.

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